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Unlock the secrets of early self-assessment filing

Did you know you could have filed your self-assessment as early as April 2023 and still hold onto what you owe HMRC until January 2024?

Yes, it's true! Once the tax year closes on April 5th, the self-assessment window swings open, and we can file your return anytime from April to the following January.

Why Bother Filing Early?

  • Less Stress: Beat the January rush, and we all breathe easier.

  • Thorough coverage: More time ensures we leave no stone unturned in your income and expenses.

  • Avoid fines: No late filing or payment fines from HMRC - phew!

  • Financial planning: You get up to 9 months to set aside what you owe for your tax and national insurance.

  • Speedy refunds: If HMRC owes you, you'll get it back sooner.

The key? It's all about your organisational ninja skills and how swiftly you get us your paperwork.

Ever Wondered How Tough Self-Assessment Can Be?

Every bit of income counts, from pensions and dividends to property income and PAYE. But fear not! We've got your back. We work closely with you to capture every expense you're entitled to, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. Each expense reduces your overall profit with HMRC, lessening your tax and national insurance burden. So, keep those receipts and invoices safe!

Some expenses you might be claiming:

- Materials/cost of goods sold

- Computer software

- Mileage

- Phone bills

- Wifi

- Rent/Rates

- Insurances


Ready to tackle your self-assessment journey with ease? Let's chat!

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Written by Vicky Wilkertis

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